FamilySearch App Gallery Part 1

I’m teaching a new class! I was asked to teach about the FamilySearch App Gallery. Have you heard about the App Gallery?? It’s so fun!

I know I know you are thinking, “Apps? I have plenty on my phone.” Well guess what?! The App Gallery has more then apps that you can use on a phone. In fact most of my favorites I use right here on my computer! And you are probably wondering why you’d want to go to the App Gallery, you’re swamped with FamilySearch as it is! Well, there’s some programs on there that  will help you with your work on FamilySearch.

“FamilySearch is a great resource, yet FamilySearch alone can’t do everything. That’s why we work with partners to provide complementary tools and resources, and why the FamilySearch App Gallery is so important,” said Dennis Brimhall, FamilySearch CEO.

This is a quote from the FamilySearch blog on January 13, 2015 when the App Gallery came out. I love that FamilySearch is saying ‘We can’t do it all, but with these partners we can” They are giving us the resources to succeed!!

So where can you find this amazing App Gallery?? It’s simple! Just type in your address bar: That’s it.

Now go play around and tomorrow I’ll tell you about the category Find Ancestors and some of the apps you should check out!

What did you find on the FamilySearch App Gallery?!?