10 ways to get started with your Family History


Here are 10 easy ways to get started on your family history!

1-Start with yourself!  

I know the most about me so why not start there?

2-Start a tree on FamilySearch or Ancestry.

These two sites are some of the easiest to use, hope on and fill out what you know.

3-Upload a tree you already have to FamilySearch or Ancestry

Already have a tree (a tree you made or someone else)? Upload it!

4-Check out Find-a-record!

What a great site to see what you need to do it clean up your tree.

5-Gather what you have around the house

We have so much family history around our house, time to collect it in one spot!

6-Write down a story

Getting all those memories out of our head before ‘mom brain’ takes over, is so important! (check this out!)

7-Visit a local family history center or library or historical society

There is so much help offered! Go check it out!

8-Organize what you have

Decide how you’re going to name files or where they are going to go.


Watch a video, take a class! Learn something new!

10-Interview relatives, ask them what they know!

Life is short! Find out what relatives know now before it’s too late!

Just pick something and jump in! I’ll update this list with links as I write about each of these items in more details but I know you can do this! Good luck!

What did you choose to do? How did you start your family history journey?