FamilySearch App Gallery Part 2

See Part 1 here.

So how did it go yesterday exploring the App Gallery? Today I’m going to talk to you about the category Find Ancestors and some of the apps you should check out.

The App Gallery is broken up into 5 categories. The first one is Find Ancestors, the programs in this category you should use to find more of your ancestors by searching records. There are 32 apps currently (6/5/15) in this category.


Partner apps


Of course all the partner website apps are in this category: Ancestry, My Heritage, American Ancestors, and Find My Past. These are great databases to search for your ancestors. They each have great advantages in their own way. They each have access to records no one else has.


Market bid sites


AncestorCloud, GenMarketPlace, and RootsBid are some new companies that launched during RootsTech this year. I really enjoyed talking to AncestorCloud while I was there. Anyway, if you have some research that you need help with check out these three companies were you can post your research and people will bid on them! So, that birth certificate that you really need a copy of in Sacramento, California when you are in Idaho? Post it! Someone in the area will be able to bid then get a copy for you! OR you can go to these companies and see what research you can do and make some money! 




Puzzilla and Kinpoint are great programs that can help you find where you need to research next. Puzzilla has free features and some premium features that you pay for. I personally love Puzzilla but I also haven’t played with Kinpoint very much.

Ok there’s a lot more but these are pretty fun and helpful!

What app I talked about today was your favorite? Was there an app in the Gallery that you think I should have mentioned??

FamilySearch App Gallery Part 1

I’m teaching a new class! I was asked to teach about the FamilySearch App Gallery. Have you heard about the App Gallery?? It’s so fun!

I know I know you are thinking, “Apps? I have plenty on my phone.” Well guess what?! The App Gallery has more then apps that you can use on a phone. In fact most of my favorites I use right here on my computer! And you are probably wondering why you’d want to go to the App Gallery, you’re swamped with FamilySearch as it is! Well, there’s some programs on there that  will help you with your work on FamilySearch.

“FamilySearch is a great resource, yet FamilySearch alone can’t do everything. That’s why we work with partners to provide complementary tools and resources, and why the FamilySearch App Gallery is so important,” said Dennis Brimhall, FamilySearch CEO.

This is a quote from the FamilySearch blog on January 13, 2015 when the App Gallery came out. I love that FamilySearch is saying ‘We can’t do it all, but with these partners we can” They are giving us the resources to succeed!!

So where can you find this amazing App Gallery?? It’s simple! Just type in your address bar: That’s it.

Now go play around and tomorrow I’ll tell you about the category Find Ancestors and some of the apps you should check out!

What did you find on the FamilySearch App Gallery?!?

Tip Tuesday- Can’t Be Merged At This Time

Have you ever seen something like this when you’re trying to merge two people on FamilySearch???

Can't merge person at this time

What?!?! Why can’t I merge these two people???? I KNOW they are the same person!!!

Well a quick google search brought me to a presentation by Ben Baker. (Who turned out to be a cousin through this Great Grandma that I couldn’t merge!) In this presentation I learned there’s a website you can use to enter the ID numbers of the two people who can’t be merged and you can find out why they can’t be merged.

The website is:{personId1}/merge/{personId2}/constraint

I asked Ben for a list of some possible out comes of reasons. Here’s the top 10 list he gave me:

1.       Locked relationships (CANNOT_MERGE_ANY_ORDER_LOCKED_RELATIONSHIP) – This means that one of the persons is related to a locked (i.e. read only) person.  There’s nothing that can be done about these right now

2.       Too many inner persons (CANNOT_MERGE_ANY_ORDER_CP_CONSTRAINT_TOO_MANY_INNER_PERSONS) – This is a constraint from new.familysearch where the result cannot have more than 250 inner persons.  When we break synchronization with new.familysearch this won’t be an issue, but there’s nothing that can be done about these right now

3.       Would hide stuff (CANNOT_MERGE_ANY_ORDER_CP_CONSTRAINT_MERGING_WOULD_HIDE_STUFF) – This is also a constraint from new.familysearch.  I believe it has to do with when merging would make someone living in the system which would hide them from everyone.  I believe this will go away when we break synchronization with new.familysearch.

4.       Locked person (CANNOT_MERGE_ANY_ORDER_LOCKED_PERSON) – This means that one of the persons is a read only person.  There’s nothing that can be done about these right now.

5.       Forwarded person (CANNOT_MERGE_ANY_ORDER_FORWARDED_PERSON ) – This usually only occurs for the person you just merged until the system has time to realize they are now deleted.  You may have noticed if you’re merging multiple duplicates in a row, the one you just did often shows up as not mergeable right after it was merged and then disappears a few seconds later.

6.       Multiple membership records (CANNOT_MERGE_ANY_ORDER_CP_CONSTRAINT_MULTIPLE_CMIS) – Support can resolve these duplicate church membership records.  Hopefully these won’t be an issue relatively soon either as we change how we handle membership records.

7.       Other order (CAN_MERGE_OTHER_ORDER_ONLY) – This is a case where only one of the persons has a membership record, but it must be preserved during the merge, so we currently force users to switch the order in this case.  This should also go away once we change how we handle membership records.

8.       Multiple membership records as users (CANNOT_MERGE_ANY_ORDER_CP_CONSTRAINT_MULTIPLE_CMIS_OR_CONTROLLED) – This is similar to #6, but involves at least person who is a valid user in the system (probably someone who recently died)

9.       Merging would cause loop (CANNOT_MERGE_ANY_ORDER_CP_CONSTRAINT_MERGING_WOULD_CAUSE_LOOP or CANNOT_MERGE_ANY_ORDER_PARENT_AND_CHILD) – This means that the result of the merge would make someone their own parent, so relationships need to be fixed up to allow the merge

10.   Gender mismatch (CANNOT_MERGE_ANY_ORDER_GENDER_MISMATCH) – The genders of persons must match to be merged

My great Grandma is a #6 “duplicate church membership records”  so I contacted support and am waiting for them to resolve this. I’ll let you know what they say.

I’ve been using Puzzilla to see if anyone in my 6 generations have duplicates. This is the only one in my 6 gens at the moment. Woo hoo! I check it once a week just to make sure.

Hope this helps you determine why and if you can do anything about not being able to merge people at this time on FamilySearch.

Have you run into anyone you can’t merge at this time?