I’m back!

I took a little break as we added another line to our family tree. My daughter was born in July and we are just in love! It's a girl!

Look for a new post tomorrow! I’m going to share one of the things I do when I have 20 mins to do some family history.

How was your summer??

John Hayes’ Will

I started exploring Wills and Probate records the last couple of weeks and I’ve found some interesting things!! I thought I’d share one today with you.

Ancestry has the largest online collection of Wills and Probate records. I started there and searched for Luke’s side of the family, Hayes. I was sad to only find one listed but it was just my first search and I can’t wait to explore more! Continue reading →

FamilySearch App Gallery Part 6

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In part 2 we learned the App Gallery is broken up into 5 categories.

The final and fifth category is Tree Analyzing. The programs in this category help uncover areas of your family tree that need more attention. Don’t we all need this? There are 38 apps (as of 2/23/16) in this category for you to use!

These are some of my all time favorite apps to use! I hope you find some great use out of them also.

Find a record

Find a record is my go to program doing family history! It’s my to-do list without having to write a to-do list 😉 When I only have a few minutes this is my go to. I’m planning on a post just on Find a Record so look for that in the future. Find a Record will search your tree on FamilySearch for issues in 6 different categories. It even gives you details about what is wrong so you aren’t searching for it.

puzzillaPuzzilla may look like a funny web but it’s a powerful tool in family history. I love looking at puzzilla for descendancy research. It’s a great way to see where family members may be missing at a glance.


Relative Finder is so much fun! This program shows you who you are related to. It has pre loaded trees for famous people through out history. Because this is a BYU program it does include LDS historical people, pioneers included. The other fun feature is you can make your own group and invite friends to see how you are related to them!

What interesting things did you find using these apps? How did they help you expand your family?

How Grandpa Egbert helps me get sleep at night

A few days ago my oldest woke up screaming! He had had a horrible nightmare and wouldn’t go back to his bed. The next night he started freaking out as soon as we started our bed time routine. I’ve been at my wits end! I need my sleep!

I happened to see a pin on Pinterest about making your own dream catchers and the memories started flooding in. Grandpa and Grandma Egbert retired to St. George Utah in the 1990. Grandpa was so bored! He started making Native American inspired crafts, the arrow heads were my favorite! He even started selling them to local shops! One of the things I remember Grandma bringing me from one of their trips a beautiful pink dream catcher!

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FamilySearch App Gallery Part 5

See Part 1 here. Part 2 here. Part 3 here. Part 4 here.

In part 2 we learned the App Gallery is broken up into 5 categories.

The fourth category is Charts and Tree View. The programs in this category view your family tree data in a variety of interesting ways. Isn’t that sentence intriguing??  There are 32 apps (as of 2/23/16) in this category for you to try!

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