How Grandpa Egbert helps me get sleep at night

A few days ago my oldest woke up screaming! He had had a horrible nightmare and wouldn’t go back to his bed. The next night he started freaking out as soon as we started our bed time routine. I’ve been at my wits end! I need my sleep!

I happened to see a pin on Pinterest about making your own dream catchers and the memories started flooding in. Grandpa and Grandma Egbert retired to St. George Utah in the 1990. Grandpa was so bored! He started making Native American inspired crafts, the arrow heads were my favorite! He even started selling them to local shops! One of the things I remember Grandma bringing me from one of their trips a beautiful pink dream catcher!

I remember talking with her as she told me the legend of the dream catcher. When you hung it above your bed as you slept your dreams would go through the dream catcher and it would catch all the bad dreams and let all the good dreams through. I loved that idea and that I now had this beautiful dream catcher to hang above my bed!

My oldest told me about his bad dreams so today we made our own dream catchers! We used a paper plate and the boys colored it then I cut the middle out. After I punched holes around the circle we spent quite some time weaving the strings through the holes. During this time I talked about Grandpa Egbert and how he use to make arrow heads and bows and arrows and all the other things I remember him making.


Then I told them how Grandma Egbert found a dream catcher for me! Then I re-told the legend of the dream catcher. My oldest seemed really excited for it! I’m praying it works! But really the time I was able to spend with each of my boys talking to them about Grandpa and Grandma Egbert was the treasure for me.

What stories have you shared with your kids to help them through a hard part of their life? 


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