Happy birthday Great Grandma Kate!

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Happy Birthday Great Grandma Kate!

Today, April 4, would be her 115th birthday.

Her full name is Catherine LaVerne Willes.

She was the granddaughter of William Willes (he has 2 songs in the LDS hymn book)

She was born in Paradise, Utah.

“Baptized on 15 September 1908, by Jacob Miller in the Logan Utah temple. Confirmed on 15 September 1908 by Joseph W. Smith.” –From FamilySearch entered by Grandson Jon Cook.

From her life story (partial) that’s on FamilySearch I learned she worked VERY hard as a teenager on their family farm. I remember a trip I took with my grandpa headed down to Utah, as we came around the bend leaving Pocatello he pointed up to the hill straight in front of us and told me his mom had lived up there on a farm. I think of that every time I pass by there.

Her dad died when she was 20 and she caught the small pox right after his funeral!

Shortly after that she met Curt Carl Herman Papenfuss and they were married in the Logan Temple November 23 1921.

They lived in Utah, Nevada, Utah then Montana where she passed away at age 90 on June 14, 1990.

I remember meeting her, I was 4.5. She was in a nursing home and she scared me. haha I remember her large type Readers Digest. I remember her eyes the most and that she had very white hair.

My cousin Katy is named after her. On many occasions I’ve heard my Grandma say how much they are so much alike. One time it was Katy offering her home and everything in it for the family, Grandma shook her head and said “Oh she is so much like the woman she is named after!”

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