Mothers: Our Memory Keepers

How can the Mommy Genealogist let Mother’s day come without a post on moms? 🙂

As I thought about the theme for the Family History for Children Blog link up this month I couldn’t help but think about the women in my life and how they have been memory keepers for me.

My Mother. How could I not write about my mom? She has been the biggest memory keeper in my life. The first thing that popped into my head was the BEAUTIFUL scrapbooks she has kept for her children over the years. My scrapbooks are some of my most prized possessions. I may not love how I look in the pictures, ’90’s bangs all the way, but the time and love that was put into them by my mom mean so much to me! They mean even more now that I am a mom and I see how much time and money they take up. She even inspired one of my Wisdom Wednesday posts (see it here). I am reminded of my amazing, beautiful mother every time I see a photograph or take a picture or document a life event with pictures.

My Paternal Grandma. Oh, Grandma Papenfuss, you should see her family charts! They cover a wall in her office. She is the keeper of my father’s family’s history. She has folders and stacks of life histories and newspaper clippings and family group charts and… and… and… I don’t think she’s shared all her treasures with me yet! I could spend hours, days, months with her and still not learn all that she knows or has in her office. And the JOY that shines in her eyes as she tells you about our family is so contagious! She also has the memory of an elephant (their suppose to have good memories, right??), she can call up just about any fact she has read or knows about our family. I can’t help but be excited about my family history because of my strong, beautiful Grandma Papenfuss.

My Maternal Grandma. Grandma Egbert was a soul you could help but love. I would bet you were smiling anytime she was around. As I mentioned in the March Family History for children blog link up, I will always remember listening to her stories while cuddled into bed with her. I’m so grateful she shared stories with me. Now, that I’ve grown, I often relate those stories to my children or events in my life, so we can learn from them. I learned what her parents were like from the stories she shared. Wesley Halbert and Cora Clark (her parents) aren’t just names and dates to me, they are a shy and quiet, yet hard working couple that love their family. Kansas isn’t just a state in the middle of the United States, it’s a dirt storm where you have to hold a cloth over our mouth to breathe, a place where gypsies would come and take your children, a place where great grandma would sell her pies at the local restaurant. Names and places come alive because of the stories my sweet, tiny Grandma Egbert shared with me.

Me. I need to get something out of this too other than a walk down memory lane. How am I, as a mom, a memory keeper for my family? My favorite and easiest way right now is Instagram. It’s so easy for me to snap a photo and quickly write what is happening in the photo and hit post. I love using hashtags to keep my children’s post separate so I can pull them up with one easy click. One day I’ll print a chatbook 😉 But for now, I remember the funny things they say, the hard days, the fun days, the milestones and the every day and that’s good enough for me.

Now, how are you memory keepers for your family? How are the women in your life memory keepers?

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  1. Nicole says:

    I am going to print chatbooks from Instagram too. I love that concept. I’m hoping to figure out a way to print our family yearbooks from google photos too. That’s where all my pics are backed up!

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