Things you can do in 20 mins- Write a story in Memories

Got 20 minutes in between diaper changes, play dates, or grocery store runs? Perfect! I know just what you can do!

Write a story on the memories tab in FamilySearch!

Got 20 minutes?

Got 20 minutes?

Have you ever written a story or memory about a relative in FamilySearch? If you have you know how easy and fast it is! If not, you’re going to love how easy and fast it is! In fact, the hardest part is picking what story to write!

The last time I had 20 minutes to do family history I decided to write a memory I have of my Grandpa Papenfuss. It took me 5 minutes tops to write the memory out, another few minutes to proof-read, then a minute to tag Grandpa and hit submit! 10 minutes!

A few weeks later I received a phone call from my Grandma who said she had read my memory and loved it! It was a simple memory, in fact, an ordinary memory, but it meant a lot to my grandma, and means a lot to me!

You can write about any relative! Like a grandma or great-great-grandpa or an uncle or even a cousin! You can write about any memory (Be nice! If you wouldn’t want it written about you, you shouldn’t write it!): what do you remember most about them? A time you laughed with them? A time you cried with them? You can even write about a story that you heard about a relative.

So you’ve got 20 minutes? Get on FamilySearch and write up that memory!

What memory/story did you write about?

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