Indexing with Children

For the past year, I have been indexing with my oldest son, Nolan. He’s 5 and so in love with learning! We have had so much fun indexing that I thought I’d share the idea with you!

Yes, it takes patience to index with little kids, but what doesn’t? Honestly, I think it makes it all the sweeter when you finish a batch and realize you just helped someone together! I make sure to point this out to Nolan.

I since Nolan was just learning the ABCs when we started indexing I would tell him what letter to type. In the beginning, he would slowly hunt for the letter and guess what he thought was correct. It took forever. Haha. We would usually only do a first or last name together. Slowly, we moved up to doing a whole record together (Which also works on learning numbers!) Now, he can do a whole batch.

Now that he is in preschool, we find typed records for him to do alone. I don’t leave him alone since this is something we do together, I usually tell him where each item goes. He loves indexing and doesn’t realize he’s learning his ABCs, how to type and how to serve.

Interested in having your young kids index? Here’s how we do it:

*Download a batch (that you can read)

*Explain that you are going to call out the letters and they can find them on the keyboard and press the button.

*Start out with what your kid can do. Just a first name, a full name, a record, a few records then a whole batch!

Tip: The system already capitalizes the first letter for you so you don’t have to teach your kids the shift button!

In addition to calling out names of the letters, you could try sounds also!

We set a goal for Nolan to index this summer. I’m hoping it helps him remember his letters for when he goes to school this fall.

Have you tried indexing with your kids? How did it go? Please share below if you try indexing with your kids! I’d love to hear how it turns out!


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