FamilySearch App Gallery Part 2

See Part 1 here.

So how did it go yesterday exploring the App Gallery? Today I’m going to talk to you about the category Find Ancestors and some of the apps you should check out.

The App Gallery is broken up into 5 categories. The first one is Find Ancestors, the programs in this category you should use to find more of your ancestors by searching records. There are 32 apps currently (6/5/15) in this category.


Partner apps


Of course all the partner website apps are in this category: Ancestry, My Heritage, American Ancestors, and Find My Past. These are great databases to search for your ancestors. They each have great advantages in their own way. They each have access to records no one else has.


Market bid sites


AncestorCloud, GenMarketPlace, and RootsBid are some new companies that launched during RootsTech this year. I really enjoyed talking to AncestorCloud while I was there. Anyway, if you have some research that you need help with check out these three companies were you can post your research and people will bid on them! So, that birth certificate that you really need a copy of in Sacramento, California when you are in Idaho? Post it! Someone in the area will be able to bid then get a copy for you! OR you can go to these companies and see what research you can do and make some money! 




Puzzilla and Kinpoint are great programs that can help you find where you need to research next. Puzzilla has free features and some premium features that you pay for. I personally love Puzzilla but I also haven’t played with Kinpoint very much.

Ok there’s a lot more but these are pretty fun and helpful!

What app I talked about today was your favorite? Was there an app in the Gallery that you think I should have mentioned??

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