FamilySearch App Gallery Part 4

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In part 2 we learned the App Gallery is broken up into 5 categories.

The third category is Photos and Stories. The programs in this category help you to find, preserve, and share family memories. There are 58 apps (as of 2/22/16) in this category for you to check out!

Memories by fs

If you haven’t downloaded Memories by FamilySearch you should!! It’s a fantastic tool to record your memories on FamilySearch. you can do everything off line: take a picture of the photo or document, title it, add a description and tag your family member. Then the next time you are connected to the internet the memory will upload straight to FamilySearch Memories! My favorite feature is the audio recorder. Just push record while Grandma is telling stories, add a title and tag your family member then upload.

GameCollageGames! These are so much fun! I wish there was more! In the Fast Photo game you click on the pictures of your ancestors (courtesy of the memory tab on FamilySearch) and avoid all the others (Like Santa and George Washington) before time runs out. The Matching Game is probably my favorite! It’s the normal memory game with the pictures of your ancestors. I’ve had my 4 year old play and he loves it! Scrambled Tree game is a fun game to help you get to know your tree better. With three difficulty levels there’s a challenge for everyone as you put your tree back in order! Last but not least, Life’s Journey takes you on a trip through one of your ancestors life.


Which game did you play?? Who did you record?

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