FamilySearch App Gallery Part 3

See Part 1 here. Part 2 here.

In part 2 we learned the App Gallery is broken up into 5 categories.

The second category is Family Tree Software. The programs in this category help you to stay organized and build your family tree. There are 32 apps (as of 2/22/16) for you to check out!

Of course we have to talk about FamilySearch Tree app. This app is for your android phone or your Iphone/Ipad. It’s a great app to have on your device if you go anywhere you may not have internet. You can download your tree and see sources and memories and data on your ancestors.

Familysearch tree is a favorite of mine! I met them first at Rootstech 2015 when they launched. It was great to be able to ask questions to the main programmer and the owner. I like to say that is how I grow my “living” family tree. You build your tree and invite, by email, your cousins to the portion of the tree they belong to. Then you upload pictures and your cousins can comment on them or an event and your cousins can comment on the event. I love that I have a way to keep track of my living cousins and their memories!

Of course there’s more programs you need to go look at. So go have fun!


What’s your favorite app in this category? How are you using it to stay organized or build your tree?


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