Beware of the merge!

Blah! I’m pretty sure I messed up. I thought two people listed in FamilySearch were the same person and now I’m pretty sure I was wrong.

There are TWO Lucy Alice Hayes’!

I thought “Oh I’ll just undo the merge.” No biggie I just merged them like 3 minutes ago.

This is what I learned:

“When records are merged, one record remains in Family Tree. The other is deleted and archived. If the merge needs to be undone, and if the preserved record (the record that remains) was not changed after the merge, you can undo the merge. If the record was changed, restore the archived person instead.”         –FamilySearch article “Undoing a merge”

I about had a heart attack because I had added a note saying more research needed to be done since the record hints now showed some records I hadn’t seen before. So I had changed the record!!!!!!!! Ahhh!!!

BUT guess what I just did, I got around it! I clicked on recent changes then on the hyper link of the Lucy that had been deleted then opened the person page (Like normal). There was a link that said “Restore this person”


Now I get to research the TWO Lucy Alice Hayes to figure out who is who.


I have learned to not merge two people so lightly. Really, I have!

Have you ever merged two people and later found out there were two people?


    • Camille says:

      Thank you, Jane! I’m touched! I just started blogging and to have you feature me is amazing! I took maternity leave the week you featured me, but I’m back now! 🙂 I’ve always enjoyed reading your blog!

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