Are we related?

Have you ever wondered how (if at all) you were related to someone with the same last name?

Have you ever wondered if your best friend was a long lost cousin?

Have you ever wondered if you are related to a famous person?

Well, wonder no more! All you need to do is visit Relative Finder!

Relative Finder is a program from BYU. It compares your FamilySearch tree to other FamilySearch trees to see where the trees connect, where you are related.

This site is so fun to play with and can really get some teens and pre-teens interested in family history. (Ok not going to lie, it gets me excited to poke around my tree!)

Are you ready to explore your tree?

First, make sure you have a tree on FamilySearch.

Second, visit and log in (scroll down).

Third, explore! Check out the public groups, make a private group and just have fun.

You are already a part of the “famous” people groups, these are on the left side of the screen. You can see if you are related to Famous Americans, Famous Europeans, Famous LDS people and more!

You can also join private groups. These are groups started by users of Relative Finders to find out how they are related to others. I use one group to see how I’m related to the random FamilySearch ID numbers I write down. Another I use to see how my friends and I are related (one group compares the workers at the Family History Center volunteers!).

I created a group to see how we are related! Here’s how to join:

Hover over the Groups tab and click Join on the drop down menu.

Search for: How am I? and select the one with The Mommy Genealogist in the description.

Now enter the password: Mommy

Your tree is uploaded and we can see how we are related! Make sure you tell me in the comments you did this! I’d love to connect with you all!

So who are you related to?? Were you surprised by anyone you were related to?? Are you related to me?? Let me know below in the comments.

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