FamilySearch App Gallery Part 5

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In part 2 we learned the App Gallery is broken up into 5 categories.

The fourth category is Charts and Tree View. The programs in this category view your family tree data in a variety of interesting ways. Isn’t that sentence intriguing??  There are 32 apps (as of 2/23/16) in this category for you to try!


Pedigreeable is a great place to get your tree printed for display in your home. They have three different designs and a variety of colors to choose from. They can take the information from FamilySearch or you can type in the names you’d like printed. Once your chart is complete you have 3 different options for printing your chart. I can just see this on every little kids wall!


Tree seek has a bundle of charts you can print your tree in! 9 and 7 generation colored fan charts, 9 generation black and white fan chart, 7 generation FamilySearch chart, 5 and 4 generation and family photo chart, 9 and 4 generation pedigree charts and a name cloud! One of my favorite features is the source tracker. This chart will show you, at a glance, where you are missing census and vital events records.

What charts did you print out? Did you find a record you were missing using the source tracker?

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