Too much info…. not good??

Did you know that too much information in a search box is sometimes not letting you find the documents you want to???

WHAT? I thought the more info the better!

Yeah me too!! But as I learned with Daniel Wing lately more info is not always better.

Here’s his search with all the information I had on him:

Daniel wing birth place

I knew there was a Find a Grave page on him, I Googled him. So I took out his birth place and this is what I got:

Daniel wing without birth place


By just removing his birth place I went from 0 to 38 results! The Find a Grave page is the first result to show up, but look at those birth records! I’m excited to go explore the other records here.

Play around with what you have in your search box! Take out info, make the year ranges bigger or smaller, or add information! I think the key is to think about the info that will be on the record you are searching for. I was looking for a death record, Find a Grave, so it may not have all his birth information on it. Or are you looking for a birth record? Remove the death information or even spouse information, you don’t need it!

What have you found by changing your search information? What brick wall are you going to go try this on?

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