Basic facts about me:

  • My name is Camille
  • I was born in the  80’s
  • I’m married to an amazing man named Luke. Despite him having no desire to do family history work I still love him. 😉 lukeandi whatemarked
  • I have 2 cute little boys with a little girl on the way
  • I teach at our local Family History Center. At the moment I teach a class on the FamilySearch App gallery and one on descendancy research.  I use to volunteer for 4 hours a week helping anyone who came into the center looking for help (I’d still be doing it but life got busy and I moved from the area)FHC tag whitemarked
  • I love to travel!! Thankfully so does Luke!
  • We collect magnets from every where we have visited.
  • I’ve even gotten him to take a family history trip to Montana to do some research!
  • I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.I belong
  • I’ve always been interested in family history, but I thought it was all done and didn’t know what to do. In 2010, I found some amazing resources and dived in head first!

I’m so excited to be sharing my adventure with you! I hope to share with you what you can do when you have a short amount of time for family history (As I do with kids!). I also hope to help those who are new to genealogy to navigate to their own fun adventures! As you journey with me I hope you catch the spark of excitement of finding your ancestors and discovering their stories!

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